Needed: New Ways to Relieve Pain

Needed: New Ways to Relieve Pain

“My husband served honorably, with pride and dignity, not to come home and die on the couch!” These were the tearful words of army specialist Scott McDonald’s widow in a special CBS report last September. After five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, McDonald returned home with chronic pain and after one year overdosed on prescribed […]

The Placebo Effect: A Conversation With Dr Irving Kirsch


“Explosive” was the word 60 Minutes reporter Leslie Stahl used to describe the scientific conclusions of Harvard’s Dr Irving Kirsch in the episode titled “Treating Depression, Is there a Placebo Effect?,” which aired February 19, 2012. Dr Kirsch, the associate director of the Program in Placebo Studies and the Therapeutic Encounter hosted at the Beth […]

Gaining a Mental Edge


What do you think the 2012 London Olympics will be remembered for? For me, it will be the talk by commentators, athletes, and coaches regarding the importance of gaining a ‘mental edge’ which is often the difference between victory and heartbreaking disappointment. I think gaining a ‘mental edge’ includes a greater awareness of the mind-body […]

NO FEAR: A High-Wire Health Habit

Nik Walenda - June 15, 2012

If you missed the ABC live broadcast on June 15, close your eyes and imagine that you’ve just stepped onto a 2” steel cable stretched into a cold, heavy mist. The mist obscures the other side, but you know it’s four football fields away! Within minutes you’re beyond the clamor of well wishers, walking alone […]

Does the Bible serve up the healthiest nutrition advice?


In his March 18th article, “Food news can cause indigestion,” The Seattle Times staff columnist Jerry Large humorously begins, “Do you eat food? If yes, then maybe you haven’t been reading all the latest news.” Large writes how he is striving to adapt to changing nutrition recommendations and doing “whatever it takes to stay healthy.” […]

For sufferer’s of Morgellons disease, what next?


“Bugs,” the two year old boy said as he pointed to an irritated patch of skin on his face. Mary Leitao looked closer, and although she found no visible insects, she was startled to find colored fibers sprouting from her son’s skin. It was a summer evening in 2001 that would change the lives of the Leitao […]